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Kalachakra 'Wheel of Time' Focus Mandala # 2

Kalachakra 'Wheel of Time' Focus Mandala # 2

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The Kalachakra Mandala – the Wheel of Time – is one of the most popular mandalas and represents the home of the primary deity who resides in it.

A mandala is a visual representation of Buddhist beliefs and teachings. They are often constructed on media such as sand, paint and wood. Visualising such mandalas during meditation is also common practice.

This original mandala has been hand painted by skilled Nepalese thanka painters and draws focus inwards towards the central motif of the Kalachakra Mandala.

 The function of the Kalachakra Mandala, despite its complexity, remains to bring benefit through its representation to anyone who can come into contact with its energy. From the formal point of view, the sacred geometry of the mandala still manages to leave a beneficial imprint even if you do not have the necessary knowledge to understand them with the intellect.

The Mandala is a very sacred Buddhist symbol that represents the entirety of the Universe. Contemplating a Mandala is one of the most popular meditation practices as observation alone leads to a mental state of calm, stability and concentration. Therefore, having the opportunity to observe it leads us to familiarize ourselves with this symbol and slowly understand the depth of its meaning.

Item Specifications

  • Size (Canvas): 57 X 57 cms
  • Painted Area Size: 50 x 50 cms
  • Painted by master thangka painters in Nepal 
  • BYO Picture Frame
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