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White Long Khata Scarf

White Long Khata Scarf

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Khatas are ceremonial scarves used to honour people according to Tibetan tradition. They can commonly be seen in Buddhist temples, wrapped around Buddha statues or on thangka paintings. Khatas usually have the eight auspicious symbols and a Tibetan greeting (Tashi Delek) or prayer printed on them. 

Meaning of Khatas

The white colour of the khata symbolises unstained and pure intention in offering one's good wishes. It also represents the pure land of snows. The length of the khata symbolises longevity. Mongolian khatas are blue in colour to symbolise the vastness of the sky. 

Tibetans honour people by presenting them with a khata. The khata is usually held in both hands and with open arms. When paying respects, Tibetans will usually bow down slightly and hold the khata high up. 

Common Uses

Khatas  are commonly used as an offering to Lamas and Buddhas. They are also gifted to friends, relatives and loved ones. They are exchanged during weddings, funerals, festivals, receptions, temple visits and when seeing a loved one off.

Devotees present khatas to their Gurus to thank them for their kindness and precious teachings. When presented to a traveller, it symbolises one's good wishes for a safe journey. In the same way, it is also presented to guests to welcome them. 

  • Made in Nepal 
  • Polyester fabric
  • Approx. 2.40 metress long and 50 cms wide
  • Details include prayers and the 8 auspicious symbols.

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