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108 bead Knotted Chakra and Lavastone Mala

108 bead Knotted Chakra and Lavastone Mala

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This mala features polished lavastone and nautral stones in chakra colours. It is approximately 42 cms in length and is made up of 7 mm beads. Each bead has been individually hand knotted and the mala can be comfortably worn around the neck.

Lava stone is the most frequently found rock on earth and is formed as hot lava erupts from the core, bubbles to the surface and cools. As the lava cools and air releases, it becomes porous and develops its typical black colour. These pores make each individual bead unique. 

It is believed that lava stone helps with emotional balance and helps stabilise the root chakra, since it comes from the earth.

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