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Kurukulla Prayer Flag (NEW)

Kurukulla Prayer Flag (NEW)

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  • Set of 10 flags, each flag 20 x 20 cms, 200 cms long
  • Dedication prayers to Kurukulla

Kurukulla, the "Mistress of Knowledge" in Tibetan Buddhism, is a powerful dakini – a female embodiment of wisdom. Often depicted with a fiery red body, she dances triumphantly, symbolizing her power to overcome negativity.

Holding a flower bow and arrow, she represents the attraction of positive situations and the transformation of desires. A flower noose and hook in her other hands capture and subdue obstacles.

Kurukulla's origins likely lie in an Indian tribal deity of domination. Assimilated into Buddhism, she embodies the "red" function of magnetizing and subjugating – attracting favorable conditions and overcoming challenges.

While some practices associated with Kurukulla touch on love spells, her deeper purpose lies in transforming emotions like desire into a path towards enlightenment. Ultimately, she represents the power of love in its purest form, guiding us to transcend earthly attachments and achieve spiritual awakening.

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