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Large Manipuri Bowl - C#3 140 Hz

Large Manipuri Bowl - C#3 140 Hz

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Manipuri bowls are rare, flat singing bowls with shallow walls that are popular with enthusiasts and collectors. These bowls resemble utensils that are used for cooking and serving food in the Himalayan region. This particular bowl is responsive, and rather easy to play. There is no decoration on the bowl and its patina has aged beautifully.

Like most hand-hammered bowls, it has a distinct fundamental note and clear overtones. We were able to source just a handful of this particular style of bowl in February 2024. Please note that this bowl comes with a free hardwood ringing stick of suitable size and weight. 

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Item Specifications

  • Base note - C#3 140 Hz
  • High note - G4 398 Hz
  • Diameter: 20.5 cms, Height 6.5 cms
  • Weight: 758 g

HD Audio Sample (Please use headphones)

Video: Playing the Bowl

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