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Long Mahakala Bodhi Mala

Long Mahakala Bodhi Mala

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This long mala contains 108 x 12 mm polished Bodhi seeds with a specially carved (by hand) Mahakala bone bead at the end of the tassel. There are also bone spacer beads in the mala to help count mantras.

Bodhi trees were once very rare and indigenous to Nepal and the Himalayan region, although it is now grown commercially. Their seeds/beads are considered sacred and used during mantra recitation and meditation sessions. They are distinguished by the eye patterns that occur naturally on them. The word 'Bodhi' means áwakened' in Sanskrit and many devotees use these beads to achieve their full spiritual potential. Animal bone is often used in malas to remind the practitioner of life's impermanence and also when doing wrathful practices such as Mahakala or Vajrakilaya.

This mala has been strung in Nepal on high quality and durable cord on our request. It comes with a free bag for safe keeping.

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