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Master Quality Carved Bell and Vajra Set

Master Quality Carved Bell and Vajra Set

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This Bell and Vajra set has been hand crafted by a skilled Tibetan artisan in India and comes with its own copper case that features beautiful floral patterns. This bell has been decorated with garlands, vajras and mantra and sounds bright and resonant.

The Bell and Vajra are synonymous with Tibetan Buddhism, and are powerful tools used in Tibetan Buddhism. They are also used as an offering of sound during the most common rituals and prayers. The bell symbolizes wisdom, the feminine component of enlightenment, and is usually paired with the vajra, which symbolizes method, the masculine component of enlightenment.  An excellent resource to understanding the importance of the bell and vajra in Tibetan Buddhism is the article below:

Bell is approximately 16 cms tall. Vajra is 11 cms long.

Sound Sample and Video

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