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Contemporary Matte Finish Bowl - Base note A 221 Hz

Contemporary Matte Finish Bowl - Base note A 221 Hz

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Our matte finish bowls are the latest handmade Himalayan singing bowls that we are offering to our customers. These new bowls come in various sizes and musical notes and have a beautiful and bright golden surface. The sounds produced by these bowls are well balanced with a deep, low fundamental and harmonious overtones.

These bowls are well suited to beginners as they are responsive, resonant, and affordable. They are suitable for more advanced practitioners and professionals as well, due to their excellent tones and vibration. We recommend our new matte finish bowls for healing, meditation, mantra sessions and in sound bath settings.

Item Specs

  • Base note -La (A), 221 Hz
  • High note - Re# (D#) 631 Hz
  • Diameter: 18.5 cms, Height: 10 cms
  • Weight:  1017 g
  • Chakra: Throat and Root chakras


All our singing bowls are sold as is and come with a free playing mallet.
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