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Medium Serenity Tibetan Singing Bowl - G 97 Hz

Medium Serenity Tibetan Singing Bowl - G 97 Hz

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Our Serenity Singing Bowls are among the best sounding bowls that we have. These bowls have been individually picked by us from a limited collection of very high quality bowls in Nepal.

These Himalayan singing bowls feature beautiful hammer marks and a brilliant patina on the surface of the bowl. This bowl rings with a low fundamental, strong vibrations and a long sustain. The overtones are pulsating and well balanced.

This bowl is perfect for inviting serenity into your practice and suitable for healing, yoga, meditation and mantra recitation. They are also commonly used for healing therapies and working with the chakras.

Our Serenity bowls are sold as a gift set and come with a free cushion, ringing stick and ball mallet.

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Item Specs:

  • Base note - Sol (G) 97 Hz
  • High note - Re (D) 287 Hz
  • Diameter: 26.5 cms, Height: 12 cms
  • Weight: 1801 g
  • Chakras: Throat and Sacral chakras

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