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Medium Tibetan Tiger Rug (4 colours)

Medium Tibetan Tiger Rug (4 colours)

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The Beauty of Tibetan Tiger Rugs

Many Tibetans are skilled weavers with rug design and weaving being a key industry employing many in exile. These designs are created using hand-spun wool and natural dyes to weave the rug. Such carpets often take many months to complete with each knot being made by hand in a traditional wooden loom. This is in stark contrast to modern machine-made goods where speed and efficiency are key.

Why Tigers on Rugs?

Tiger rugs have been historically used in Tibet as the tiger symbolises strength and protection, and the victory of wisdom over anger. Although tigers are not native to Tibet, they have been depicted as the conveyance for several protector deities (e.g. Mahakala). The Hindu God Shiva sits on a tiger skin showing that he is all powerful and his shakti beyond all force.

These rugs are very popular in high-end interior design projects and will add elegance and luxury to any space.

Pro Tip

Our Tibetan tiger rugs are very versatile and can be used on the floor as a covering or on furniture (sofas, beds, armchairs, etc). They can also be used as a decorative item and mounted on walls.

  • Traditional Tibetan rug
  • Hand woven in Nepal 
  • 100% Tibetan Wool (no blend)
  • 100 knots per square inch, 10mm pile height   
  • 75 X 45 cms (length x width)
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