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Mongoose and Precious Jewels - Trapezoid Tibetan Chest

Mongoose and Precious Jewels - Trapezoid Tibetan Chest

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Small Wooden Chest in Traditional Tibetan Design

This small trapezoid Tibetan chest has been hand made and painted at our workshop in Nepal by skilled artisans specializing in woodwork. It is ideal for use as a decorative piece or jewellery box. This chest contains traditional Tibetan motifs featuring a mongoose, auspicious golden fish and clouds on the top.

The mongoose is the conveyance of Zambala, the Tibetan Buddhist wealth deity. As an enemy of Nagas and snakes,  the mongoose is usually seen spitting out coloured jewels of wisdom. This animal often accompanies wealth deities representing their power to remove material/mundane discomfort so that people can focus on their spiritual journey.

The pair of golden fish are part of the 8 auspicious symbols in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and symbolises the ability of all sentient beings to achieve enlightenment  without drowning in samsara. They represent auspiciousness, abundance and balance in leading a fulfilling life.

This chest is perfect for adding some colour to home. It can also be used as a spiritual safe to hold your most precious dharma items and precious documents, memories and jewellery.

Size: 26 (length) x 13 (width) x 15 cms (high) measured at the base

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