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Old 'Tara' Singing Bowl - Base Note A3 (215 Hz)

Old 'Tara' Singing Bowl - Base Note A3 (215 Hz)

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Your search for an authentic, hand hammered Himalayan singing bowl ends here. Our old Tara bowls have a powerful sound with clear overtones that will help you find balance and harmony. These bowls are perfect for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike and ideal for meditation, yoga and relaxation. They are also our highest selling bowl and offer great value. Please note that a free ringing stick is included with this bowl.

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Item Specs:

  • Base note - A3, 215 Hz
  • High note - D5, 602 Hz
  • Diameter: 17 cms, Height: 8 cms
  • Weight: 810 g
  • Chakra: Third Eye and Sacral chakras

Sound Sample and Video 

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