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Om and 8 Auspicious Symbols Silver Pendant

Om and 8 Auspicious Symbols Silver Pendant

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This beautiful pendant has the Tibetan symbol for Om in the middle and is surrounded by the eight auspicious symbols. 

  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Handmade in Nepal 
  • Approx. 40 mm diameter

The Eight Auspicious Symbols in Tibetan Buddhism

These symbols are commonly featured in Tibetan art and are often placed in front of altars in Tibetan households.

  1. Parasol: Symbolises the wholesome activity of protecting all sentient beings from suffering and the causes of suffering
  2. Pair of Golden Fish: Represents the freeing of one's mind from all attachment, thereby leading to enlightenment and spiritual liberation
  3. Treasure Vase: Long life, wealth and prosperity
  4. Conch: Symbolises spiritual awakening and the spreading of the Dharma
  5. White Lotus: Represents the purity of one's body, speech and mind and the true nature of the human mind
  6. Infinity Knots: Represents the boundless nature of knowledge and the enlightened mind of the Buddha
  7. Victory Banner: Victory over death, pride, ignorance and other negativity
  8. Dharma Wheel: Represents the spread of the Buddha's teachings and the eight-fold path
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