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Original Kalachakra Mandala Thangka # 6

Original Kalachakra Mandala Thangka # 6

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The Kalachakra Mandala – the Wheel of Time – is one of the most popular mandalas and represents the home of the primary deity who resides in it. This particular painting is different from what we have seen previously as the colours are more subdued. There are fine brush strokes applied at various sections of the mandala (especially towards the inner circle) with excellent attention to detail.

A mandala is a visual representation of Buddhist beliefs and teachings. They are often constructed on media such as sand, paint and wood. Visualising such mandalas during meditation is also common practice.

This fine mandala has been hand painted by skilled Nepalese thanka painters. It also has  gold leaf paint applied in various sections.

Item Specifications

  • Size (Canvas): 58 X 58 cms 
  • Painted Area Size: 49 x 49 cms
  • Painted by master thangka painters in Nepal 
  • BYO Picture Frame
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