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Original Manjushri Thangka

Original Manjushri Thangka

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Thangkas are Himalayan paintings that depict various Buddhist deities as described in the canonical texts. This beautiful Thangka painting features the wisdom Buddha, Manjushri. It has been painted in Nepal by a 'master' level painter and mounted on high quality brocade. The colours are vibrant with great attention to detail shown in the work. 

Manjushri, the embodiment of wisdom in Mahayana Buddhism, is revered for his piercing intellect and unwavering compassion. Often depicted holding a flaming sword to cut through ignorance and a Prajnaparamita text representing ultimate wisdom, he guides us on the path to enlightenment. He is seen as a gentle yet powerful figure, ready to assist those seeking profound understanding and liberation.

Some traditions hold him as a young prince, symbolizing the youthful mind's potential for boundless learning and growth, while others see him as a fully enlightened Buddha himself. Regardless of his form, Manjushri inspires us to cultivate wisdom, clarity, and compassion on our own journeys to awakening.

A thankga like this is considered a most auspicious gift to give to someone to mark a significant milestone (wedding, new venture, new home, etc).

Item Specifications

  • Painted canvas size: 32 X 25 cms (length x width)
  • Mount (brocade) size: 84 X 60 cms (length x width)
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