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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Mallet

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Mallet

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Exclusive to Tibet Shop Sydney. We know that many of our singing bowl customers also love crystals and working with energy. Introducing our new Quartz Crystal mallet. These mallets have been exclusively cut on our request and their weight makes them well suited to bowls from 17-30 cms. We currently have 6 units available that have been cut from the same stone. As such, please note that there might be slight discrepancies between your product and the images here.

Quartz is a highly popular crystal and commonly used with any type of meditation or healing energy work such as Reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy and more. Clear quartz crystal helps harmonise all the chakras and align the subtle bodies, which is why we think that they would make an ideal mallet. 

  • Exclusive to Tibet Shop Sydney
  • Made with Nepalese Quartz Crystal
  • Solid and heavy at approx 350 g. 
  • Size: 16 X 2.5 cms

Playing Various Bowls with the Mallet


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