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Classic 108 Bead Rosewood Mala

Classic 108 Bead Rosewood Mala

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This mala has been strung with naturally stained 8 mm rosewood beads. This mala is highly popular with our customers due to its minimal and sober design. It is an excellent choice for mantra, prayer and meditation. 

Rosewood has been traditionally used for making furniture, musical instruments, and decorative objects. This timber is durable with a beautiful grain and deep reddish brown colour. Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood helps to develop the innate compassion and love within an individual. 

Classic Rosewood Mala 

Our rosewood mala has been especially restrung for extra durability. Pls note that this mala is adjustable and can be tightened by sliding the knot next to the Guru bead. The mala is approximately 17 inches long one side or 34 inches round in total circumference.  

  • Minimal and sober design
  • Deep, reddish brown colour
  • Smooth 8mm beads and adjustable cord
  • Hand assembled in Nepal
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