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Simple White Metal Butter Lamp

Simple White Metal Butter Lamp

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Butter lamps are a common offering in Tibetan Buddhism and can be seen in both households and monasteries. These lights are offered to gain merit and to help dispel ignorance.

The flickering flame symbolizes dispelling the darkness of ignorance and fostering inner wisdom. By lighting a butter lamp, you cultivate the practice of generosity, offering a simple yet meaningful gift. (Butter, in historical Tibet, was considered a precious ingredient when cooking and a good offering.) The act itself serves as a reminder to illuminate your own path and guide others towards theirs. Furthermore, the light is believed to bring merit and blessings, promoting peace, harmony, and success. 

This butter lamp is of a minimal design. 

  • Approximately 11 cms high and 8 cms wide.
  • White metal with brass accents.
  • Handmade in Nepal.

Pro Tip

Not everyone is familiar with the art of making butter lamps (melting butter, making wicks, etc). Place a tea light candle with holder of suitable height inside if you would like to use this instead. We took our butter lamp along to several discount stores and were able to find a stand that worked (to prop up the height of the tea light candle).

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