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Small High Tone Mani Bowl - G# (850 Hz)

Small High Tone Mani Bowl - G# (850 Hz)

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This beautiful and rare Mani singing bowl was specially handpicked by us during our most recent sourcing trip in February 2022. Mani Bowls are skilfully crafted to produce a sharp and intense sound. Featuring an extra thick rim and a very flat base, such bowls are loved and prized by collectors everywhere.

At just 10 cms in diameter, this bowl is one of the smallest Mani bowls that we have seen, ringing with a fundamental well above 800 Hz! It is perfect for drawing awareness and focus, with its high pitch calling on to the listener. 

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Item Specifications

  • Fundamental note - Sol#5 (G#5) 850 hz
  • high note - C#7 (C#7) 2256 Hz
  • Diameter: 10.5 cms. Height: 7 cms
  • Weight: 675 g 
  • Suitable for the upper chakras (Throat, Third eye and Crown)

Sound Sample and Video

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