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Snow Lion and Precious Jewel - Tibetan Chest

Snow Lion and Precious Jewel - Tibetan Chest

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Small Wooden Chest in Traditional Tibetan Design

This small traditional Tibetan chest has been hand made and painted at our workshop in Nepal by skilled artisans specializing in woodwork and painting. It is ideal for use as a decorative piece or jewellery box. This chest contains traditional Tibetan motifs featuring the mystical snow lion, wish fulfilling jewel and Double Vajra on the top.

The snow lion was the emblem of ancient Tibet, representing the pure lands of snow (Tibet). It symbolises power, strength and resilience of the people that live in these regions. It is also found in the thrones of high lamas to represent courage and the absence of any doubt.

A jewel is considered important in Buddhist philosophy as it has the ability to grant whatever one wishes. The three jewels for taking refuge are the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and offer a complete path to enlightenment. By following the three jewels, one can protect themselves from fear, ignorance and suffering. The flaming jewel is also carried by the windhorse featured on Tibetan prayer flags.

The Vajra is a sacred object associated with Tibetan Buddhism and accompanies the bell during various rituals. In Sanskrit, it translates to both 'diamond' and 'thunderbolt'. Like a diamond, the vajra is indestructible but destroys ignorance and hindrances. Like the thunderbolt, it is swift and cuts through one's faults.

This chest is perfect for adding some colour to home. It can also be used as a spiritual safe to hold your most precious dharma items and precious documents, memories and jewellery.

Size: 26 (length) x 13 (width) x 15 cms (high)

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