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Large (17 cms) OM Wooden Wall Hanging

Large (17 cms) OM Wooden Wall Hanging

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Hand Carved Timber OM Wall Hanging.

Om is a sacred syllable found in Eastern religions and often the first word for most Buddhist mantras. Often regarded as the sound of emptiness, Om is the first sound from the beginning of time and also encompasses the present and future. Composed of three sacred syllables Ah, Ooh and Ma, Om (also spelled as Aum) signifies the union of mind, body and spirit. It is chanted to purify negative karma, accumulate merit and pacify the mind.

This carving depicts Om in the Devnagari script (India, Nepal).

  • Item size: 17 cms wide x15 cms tall
  • Handmade and Painted in Nepal
  • Fitted with a steel O ring at the back to mount on hooks and nails.
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