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Unusual Singing Bowl - D 300 Hz

Unusual Singing Bowl - D 300 Hz

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This unusual singing bowl is similar to our Tara bowls but has very straight high walls and a curving bottom that sits flat. The patina is bright and golden and the bowl rings beautifully with well balanced and clear overtones. The bottom area is rounded and contrasts with the straight upper walls of the bowl. We only have one such bowl available in stock.

Overtones are well defined and compliment the lower fundamental.  The bowl has strong vibrations, is responsive when rubbed and easy to play. It is well suited for meditation, relaxation and general relaxation.

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Item Specifications 

  • Base note - Re (D), 300 Hz
  • High note - Sol# (G#), 849 Hz
  • Diameter: 13 cms, Height: 6 cms
  • Weight: 338 g

Video: Playing the Bowl 

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