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Bodhi Mala Bracelet

Bodhi Mala Bracelet

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Bodhi Mala Bracelet: A Best Seller

This Bodhi wrist mala has been designed and assembled by Kunga right here at home in Sydney. It features Bodhi, lotus seed and agate beads all held together with an adjustable cord.

Bodhi beads are thought to be very powerful in terms of spiritual potential, and can be identified by their unique eye pattern. These trees are indigenous to Nepal and the Himalayan region, and often found close to major pilgrimage sites. Kunga has also added lotus seed and agate beads to this bracelet for protection and luck. 

The Bodhi beads in this mala bracelet are smooth and polished, and approximately 12 mm in size. Suitable for both men and women. A best selling item from Tibet Shop Sydney. 

Care Tip

New Bodhi beads that haven't been 'worn in' can dry out when they come in contact with water, as they are a seed. If this happens, you can restore the dark colour of your mala by rubbing 2-3 drops of olive oil in the palm of your hand first and then massaging them on to the beads. Let the oil dry out for 5 minutes, and then you're good to go. 

As you continue to wear your mala and use it, the natural oils from your skin will bind with the beads and act as a polish. More info on our blog:

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