Collection: Gift Ideas Under $25

Every year, Kunga and Dhondup come up with a list of gift ideas for the Holiday Season. See our recommendations for gifts under $25 for 2022/2023. 

  • Our mandala talismans have been blessed by Tibetan monks and can be worn around the neck, kept in a pocket or purse, at home or hung in the car. $15
  • Vibrant Tibetan keyrings featuring beautiful beadwork in classical Tibetan designs
  • Variety pack of 5 Tibetan incense. Our incense sticks have been made at Kunga’s Uncle’s workshop in Nepal using recipes found in ancient Buddhist scriptures. $22.50. We also have a number of incense burners to compliment them. 
  • Prayer flags, including our popular Chakra Affirmation flags ($17), Medicine Buddha flags ($15) and wind horse prayer flags ($10/15)
  • Pendants: A range of hand crafted pendants, inspired by Buddhist motifs - from $20+