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Long Bodhi Seed Mala - Natural Stain

Long Bodhi Seed Mala - Natural Stain

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Bodhi Seed Malas are Special

If you are after a mala that is comfortable, solid to hold and tactile, then you are at the right place.

A Bodhi seed mala is considered to be spiritually potent and therefore used during prayer and meditation. Bodhi trees are indigenous to Nepal and the Himalayan region. Their seeds can be identified by the distinct eye patterns that occur naturally on them, and have been historically used for making malas. 

The word 'Bodhi' means 'awakened' in Sanskrit and devotees use these sacred beads to achieve their full spiritual potential. This special mala has been special strung on high quality and durable cord on our request. It is an excellent choice for personal, daily use and comes with a free bag for safe keeping.

The beads in this mala are 10-12 mm round, making this mala an excellent choice for those that want something tactile. The beads in this mala are smooth and comfortable when held.  Regardless of whether you are new or an experienced meditator, this mala will help you connect with your inner self. Note that the price of Bodhi malas have decreased substantially in the last 2-3 years as these are now grown commercially.

  • Bodhi seed mala with 10-12 mm beads (approx 55 cms long) 
  • Assembled in Nepal from natural Bodhi seed
  • Strung on durable cord
  • Smooth beads, comfortable when held.

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