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Tibet Shop Sydney V2.0 Out Now

Dear Friends/Customers,

We are pleased to put out our new & improved website out there as of today. Some of the major improvements and updates that you may notice include:

1. Faster load times and speed

2. User reviews/feedback (NEW): We will be automatically emailing customers and asking them to leave reviews should they wish to choose. Thank you in advance for your kind words. Such reviews will be marked as 'Verified' with a tick next to them. We believe that user generated content builds a sense of community and also presents potential customers with feedback from people that actually use the product on a regular basis.

3. Product filters: You can now filter out products based on availability and price. You can also sort by products by price, date added, popularity, etc.

4. Better mobile experience: Nearly half of our users browse the website on a mobile device. The new design is improved for mobile e-commerce with crisp fonts and images and easier site navigation

5. Improved Design and Flexibility: We hope that you love the new design as much as we do. We have added mega menus which we hope will make it easier to navigate the website. We are also planning for the future and allowing for greater flexibility in terms of future development and tools.

Over the next week, we will be monitoring the website for bugs and errors. If you spot something, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact form or call/text Dhondup at 0413 508 111.

With best wishes,
Kunga and Dhondup
Tibet Shop Sydney

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